Leaves, Grass & Brush


Yard Waste

Leaf Disposal

  • Mulch leaves with lawn mower.
  • Leaves can be taken to the designated dump site near the water tower in downtown Fairbury.  NO leaves may be left in bags or boxes at the site — loose leaves only.  DO NOT drop off grass clippings or other yard waste at the site.
  • The Street Department will pick-up leaves contained and placed on the curb.
  • BURNING LEAVES is allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays during daylight hours, from September 15th to December 15th, and from March 15th to May 15th of each year.  Fines will be imposed for violations.

Grass Clippings

  • Grass clippings are not accepted at the leaf drop-off site.
  • Grass clippings are NOT picked up by the city.
  • DO NOT deposit (mow) grass clippings onto city streets.
  • Fines imposed for violations.

Branches & Brush

  • To have branches and other brush picked up by the city, place at the street curb.