Brian J Munz Safety Complex


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Born January 22, 1984

End of Watch July 22, 2008


The BRIAN J MUNZ SAFETY COMPLEX became a vision when the Fairbury Fire Department lost Brian J Munz “Munzy” in a line of duty death on July 22, 2008.  The Fairbury Fire Department was paged to help a neighboring community battle a house fire.  4 Fairbury firemen heeded the call for help that day, Brian being one of the four.  Only three firemen came home that night.  Brian lost his life in that fire, doing what he loved!  The legacy he left behind was one of generosity and compassion and kindness.  Not long after Munzy’s passing, the fire department dreamed a dream which became a reality when they held the dedication ceremony for the Brian J Munz Safety Complex, home of the Fairbury Fire Department and SELCAS (Southeast Livingston County Ambulance Service).  The dedication ceremony, held on July 31, 2015, is available below.


Fairbury Fire Department is an all-volunteer department with 28 members which includes the Chief and Assistant Chief.  The 26 firefighters are led by Chief Martin Steidinger, a veteran member serving on the department since June, 1981, and Assistant Chief Josh Hoselton who joined the department in 2006.  Both Chief Steidinger and Assistant Chief Hoselton rose to their current ranks when former Chief, Leroy McPherson, retired in June, 2017.

A complete roster of firefighters include:

Jason Leman
Brett Fehr
Wes Steidinger
Jeremiah Rinkenberger
Jeremy Stoller
Craig Davis
Taryn Wenger
Tyler Roth
Brad Gant
Travis Schopp
Alan Walter
Ross Steidinger
Kolton Zapp
Cody Zapp
Brandon Stoller
Tyler Steidinger
Nathan Fehr
Thane Schaffer
Ben Herr
Logan Spenard
Kyle Walter
Kent Steidinger
Austin Fehr
James Steidinger
Martin Steidinger
Josh Hoselton

The Safety Complex sits on the grounds of the old fire station at 320 W Locust Street


Fairbury Fire protects 88 sq miles with 6 trucks – #241 Brush Truck/Tanker; #242 Tanker; #243 Rescue; #244 Engine; #245 Squad; #246 Ladder