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City of Fairbury, Illinois
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201 W. Locust Street, PO Box 228, Fairbury, IL 61739
815.692.2743         Fax 815.692.3428

Lynn Dameron, Mayor  •  Leroy E. McPherson, City Superintendent
Brenda DeFries, City Clerk  •  Mike Frickey, Police Chief

The City of Fairbury is pleased to present our new website.  We hope you find it simple to navigate and full of information.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email us and we will do our best to get your information added.


To reserve a Park shelter, please call LARRY RAY at 815.674.3660

City Hall will be CLOSED Monday, September 1st in observance of Labor Day.  Monday’s garbage will be picked up Tuesday, September 2nd.


from Chief of Police Mike Frickey

Summer is upon us and so are the burglars.  Just a reminder to lock your vehicles and your garages.  The Police Department has had numerous car thefts and criminal trespass to garages reported.  If your vehicle or garage has been entered, please report it to the Police Department.  Also, please call the police if you see suspicious activity and/or persons in your neighborhood.

Call 815.692.3351 or 911


The City of Fairbury mandates that every dog be leashed and may not run loose.


No dog shall be permitted to run at large in the City.  Every dog within any city park, recreational area, or trail shall be restrained by a leash. (2003-12)



City Hall is open Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We may be reached at 815.692.2743.

To reach Lynn Dameron, ldameron@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Brenda DeFries, bdefries@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Leroy McPherson, lmcpherson@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Nancy Widlacki, nwidlacki@cityoffairbury.com 

To reach Christine Klus, cklus@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Mike Frickey, mfrickey@cityoffairbury.com

To reach Rick Barrera, rbarrera@cityoffairbury.com

Street Department, 815.692.3812, streets@cityoffairbury.com

Sewer Department, 815.692.2911, sewer@cityoffairbury.com

Water Department, 815.692.2033, water@cityoffairbury.com

Police Department, 815.692.3347, police@cityoffairbury.com

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