Apply for Solicitor’s Permit

The Solicitor/Peddler ordinance is found in Chapter 7, Section .15 of the Municipal Code book of the City of Fairbury.


Read the Ordinance here:


(a)  Peddler includes any person, firm, association, or organization which solicits sales or donations from businesses or inhabitants residing in the City of Fairbury, and who sells or solicits from house to house, store to store, or on the streets or in any public place. (1991-7)

(b)  No person, firm association, or organization shall engage in peddling without first procuring a license to do so. (1991-7)

(c)  Said licenses shall be issued by the City Clerk.  The application for license shall state thereon the name and the permanent address of the peddler, the kind of merchandise to be peddled or cause for which donation are to be solicited, the approximate days and times when said peddler desires to operate, and the description and number of vehicles, if any, intended to be operated, and the approximate number of peddlers or solicitors involved. (1991-7)

(d)  One copy of the license shall be forwarded to the applicant either by first class mail or by personal delivery to applicant or his agent.  Said copy shall be considered a license to peddle and said license must be displayed upon request to any inhabitant of Fairbury who is approached by said peddler.  It shall be the responsibility of applicant to make additional copies, as needed, for its agents as authorized by said license.  Licenses shall be non-transferable. (1991-7)

(e)  Said license shall be valid only for the times and dates requested by the applicant, but in no event shall any license by valid for a term of more than one year from the date of its issuance by the City Clerk. (1991-7)

(f)   No peddler shall ply his vocation on any street, sidewalk, park, parkway or in any other public place unless his peddler’s license specifies that peddling in such public places in permitted thereunder. (1991-7)

(g)  It shall be unlawful for any licensed peddler, while acting as a peddler in the City, to peddle any goods, merchandise, wares, or solicit donations to causes other than those specified in his application. (1991-7)

(h)  Appropriate signs shall be erected at the East and West city limits along Illinois Route 24, which signs shall state that any person, firm, association, or organization which desires to solicit sales or donation from businesses or inhabitants residing in the City of Fairbury must make application for a license at the office of the City Clerk in the Fairbury City Hall. (1991-7)

(i)   If any section, paragraph, clause or provision of this ordinance shall be held invalid, the invalidity thereof shall not effect any of the other provisions of this ordinance. (1991-7)

(j)   Nothing in this section shall be held applicable to any person, firm, association or organization which sells or solicits from property owned, leased, or controlled by said person, firm, association or organization; nor shall this section apply to wholesalers or suppliers who, with the intent to sell or solicit, enter upon property at the express or implied invitation of one who owns, leases, or controls said property. (1991-7)